Take a hands-on approach to investing in New South Wales The Waratah Bond Programme offers a low risk, stable income investment opportunity Secure a better future and build a greater state
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NSW Waratah Bond Programme

As you build your investment portfolio, you can help build New South Wales. The NSW Waratah Bond Programme (Waratah Bonds) offers low risk and stable income to investors, while supporting the growth of New South Wales.

Waratah Bonds are an ideal investment for investors seeking medium-term regular returns, and may be helpful in diversifying their investment portfolios. Currently, the NSW Waratah Bond Programme offers three and four year investment terms.  

While both investment terms are available to Australian resident investors, the four year Waratah Bond is designed for Business Innovation and Investment visa investors.   

The Waratah Bonds are a safe and cost-effective investment, with no up-front or ongoing fees and commissions - and the backing of a New South Wales Government guarantee.

Benefits of investing in Waratah Bond

Waratah Bonds offer a range of benefits including:


Waratah Bonds have the benefit of a New South Wales Government guarantee.


Waratah Bonds may provide you with an opportunity to diversify your investment portfolio.

Regular income

Waratah Bonds deliver semi-annual interest payments, the amount and payment dates are known from the outset.

Repayment of Principal

Your investment amount (principal) is repayable in full on the maturity date, together with interest accrued since the last interest payment due date.

For more information on the benefits of investing in Waratah Bond Programme, please visit the Fixed Rate Bond pages or contact us.

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